The First Word: Leadership blindspot in reskilling due to age bias


Singapore’s workplace culture is undergoing a significant shift, set against the backdrop of a globally fragile economic outlook. Locally, the pressing issue of talent shortage looms large, with 83% of companies reporting challenges in securing needed workforce. The government’s solution to this is straightforward — to reskill local talents. These initiatives not only help workers adapt […]

Case in Point: How DBS Bank personalises career coaching, enhances mobility with AI


When DBS Bank recognised the need to personalise the employee experience and improve mobility for a future-proof workforce, the company began to utilise artificial intelligence (AI) to journey alongside employees. iGrow is the first career platform within the company harnessing AI to help employees identify their strengths and align future career aspirations. It allows them […]

Case in Point: How MindChamps teaches, immerses newcomers in company culture


When MindChamps recognised the importance of building strong leadership within their staff from the get-go, the company launched an alignment programme to immerse new employees or “MindChampions” into the culture, history, and philosophy of what the company stands for.  Mindchamps Way Culture Training incorporates the 3-Minds (Champion, Leaning and Creative Minds), an integral part of […]

The First Word: Shifting the needle at work with the power of flexibility


Nearly half of employers in the APAC region (46%) are introducing more flexible working policies this year to attract top talent. Coincidentally, and more recently, governments in Australia and Singapore have also announced new policies and guidelines promoting flexible work arrangements. Flexible work arrangements not only help companies attract and retain top talent, but they […]

The First Word: Safeguarding your employees abroad


In today’s increasingly globalised economy, the movement of employees across international borders is more frequent, presenting numerous opportunities with heightened security risks. As employees travel through regions with diverse geopolitical climates and varying safety standards, multinational corporations face a critical challenge — ensuring the safety of their workforce in a world where threat levels are […]

The First Word: Empowering accountants to be strategic business partners with AI


From mechanical calculators to the birth of the internet, the quest for artificial intelligence (AI) has spanned centuries. Now, its reach extends to the heart of businesses: financial reporting, where it promises to unlock a new era of accuracy, efficiency, and insight. While AI is impressive when it comes to increasing efficiency and accuracy in […]

The First Word: Advancing gender diversity at the highest levels of leadership


The business case for diversity has long been established. Companies with more diverse leadership tend to perform better financially, as having a breadth of perspectives helps with better decision-making. As organisations navigate an increasingly complex global landscape, harnessing the full spectrum of talent is not just a moral imperative – it’s a competitive edge. Driven […]

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