AG&P HR team: leading culture transformation for success

agp-hr-team-Atlantic Gulf & Pacific, Inc. (AG&P) clinched the coveted Best HR Team award at the HR Stars Awards 2023 in Singapore, owing to its remarkable efforts in spearheading a culture transformation and rekindling employee engagement.

As AG&P prepared to venture into the energy line of business, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic brought forth uncertainties, affecting employee morale and dedication. The HR team recognised the need for a culture change to fortify the organisation’s resilience and future growth.

With a three-point strategy in mind, the HR team took decisive action:

  • Rearticulating business strategy: AG&P realigned business units, mapping capabilities to strategic goals, ensuring focused alignment with the company’s direction.
  • Reimagining organisational structure: An efficient and effective organisational structure was crafted to enhance day-to-day operations, promoting agility and collaboration.
  • Re-energising people: Targeted interventions in performance management and rewards nurtured a culture of high performance and employee satisfaction.

To gauge the impact of its initiatives, the HR team introduced the Employee Needs Survey (EN-Gauge Survey). The results were astounding, with an impressive overall index score of 3.86 out of 5, reflecting the strength of AG&P’s values and workplace culture.

Despite being relatively new to AG&P, the HR team quickly earned the trust and respect of company leaders through effective communication and strategic partnerships. Empowering leaders to spearhead engagement programmes, the team fostered meaningful connections with employees.

AG&P’s HR team exemplifies the power of collaboration, enablement, and guidance in driving transformative change. Its dedication to employee wellbeing and organisational excellence has not only earned it accolades but also positioned AG&P for continued success in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

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