HR Stars Awards: Community focus underlines HR initiatives at Royal Kings Group


Sirajudeen Bin Syed Mohamed believes in cultivating strong social responsibility and good work-life balance among his employees, going as far as sponsoring yearly gym and club memberships so they can unwind with family on the company budget. This firm commitment, so embedded in how he has been leading the Royal Kings Group, has earned him recognition as the Best CEO with an HR Focus at the Chief of Staff Asia HR Stars Awards.

He has said that providing the best working environment, where employees can truly thrive, is his main goal. Described by his staff as “good and caring”, Mohamed also regularly takes the team on volunteering and community service programmes.

Service to society is an integral part of company culture, with all employees being trained in first aid and recognised as Caring Commuter Champions in Singapore. They are in themselves a team of first responders, whether it’s a medical emergency or someone in need of assistance on public transportation.

Through these strategies, Mohamed has essentially created an innate sense of ownership, belonging, and purpose among staff of the Royal Kings Group. He is intent on uplifting the quality of life of all his employees, regardless of designation. The entire workforce is entitled to yearly memberships as well as extended leave allotments and healthy sponsored lunches.

Even during Covid-19, Mohamed retained all employees and flexibly adopted new technologies, invested in training courses to make sure they were prepared, and transformed the way they did business in an effort to protect his workers. Mohamed also recognises that if he wants to ensure that his company maintains a standard of excellence and trust, he himself must continue learning and developing his skills.

As CEO, his brand of leadership exerts an active and positive influence on HR: establishing a meaningful company culture, enhancing diversity, and keeping employees happy and engaged.

“It is a great Accomplishment for both myself and all my colleagues at Royal Kings Group and a great achievement to receive all these awards on our 10th Anniversary of Royal Kings Group. We have worked very hard in the last five years as many industries have transformed due to all the challenges. Finally, all our training, hard work and innovation had paid off with all these recognitions. We are also being considered for a few more awards currently.”
– Sirajudeen Bin Syed Mohamed, Founder & CEO

Royal Kings Group Team

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