Eva Wong shifts from a Business degree for the love of HR

CHINT Global’s Eva Wong, Head of HR Asia-Pacific, walked Chief of Staff Asia through her career journey in managing employees. Previously, she discussed the company’s values, best practices, and the traits they seek in future employees.

Admittedly a “people person,” she enjoys journeying with others in and out of work.

Eva Wong shifts from a Business degree for the love of HR - Team

“I enjoy watching people evolve in their roles and when they realise their potential and confidence to take on greater responsibilities. Leading others is about letting them know their capabilities. When they do, there’s always a turning point (sometimes a subtle one). You see them change in building better relationships, becoming more resourceful, etc.”

She chose HR, though she pursued a Business Degree, because of her curiosity about nurturing people. “This led me to further my education in HR – and I’ve never looked back. I have recently completed my FlexiMasters in HR Thought Leadership at Nanyang Technological University.”

Wong has been in HR for over a decade, beginning as an executive at Aker Solutions, where she worked with regional teams that opened her eyes to new markets and working styles.

She said at CHINT Global, she strategically maximises and nurtures its people in her scope. She believes their employee-oriented culture drives the organisation’s high performance.

However, Wong quickly acknowledged HR challenges, that the work does not end at recruitment: “It is a continuous process to not only integrate new employees but also deepen the bonds between all employees, helping the entire organisation to move forward.”

Looking into the future, especially of an adaptive HR, Wong says, “We foresee the industry facing a much higher demand. The need for more efficient and environment-friendly components will only continue to rise. We anticipate stiff competition for talent who can innovate and implement.”

She added that CHINT Global is stable to secure the right talents in the coming years because it focuses on individual development and progress in the organisation and its ecosystems.

Wong revealed the company’s next 10-year plan to widen its reach by recruiting more international talent and building the team while letting technology do its job.

Her parting words for aspiring HR leaders: “You’re in for an adventure! Each day is different; you’ll meet and work closely with many people. HR is anything but a mundane role. There’s so much to explore. You’re in a good position to hone your communication skills. Hold onto your purpose in entering the function. That’ll take you far.”

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