Hot-desking trend in Singapore meets resistance: Unispace report

Despite the rising popularity of flexible and hybrid workspaces, Singaporean employees seem to crave a more traditional office arrangement.

A recent report from workspace creation experts, Unispace, reveals that 94% of hot-desking workers would visit the office more frequently if they had a dedicated workspace.

Hot-desking, the practice of assigning desk spaces on demand or through a rotation system, has become common amidst the shift towards flexible work arrangements.

However, this study suggests that the lack of personal workspace might deter employees from returning to the office.

Furthermore, over three quarters (78%) of the surveyed employees expressed concerns that remote working might negatively impact their opportunities for pay raises, bonuses, and promotions.

The study reveals a potential gap between workplace trends and employee preferences, prompting the need for more research and discussions on the future of work.

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