HR Stars Awards: Best Training Interventions

Continuous learning and upskilling have always been essential for employees to stay competitive, but the need has been even further amplified by the rapidly-changing business landscape that we find ourselves in today.

With this in mind, the Best Training Interventions Award, part of the inaugural HR Stars Awards in 2023, recognises organisations that have implemented effective skills development programmes to enhance the overall capabilities of their workforce.

Whether it is about building general working skills, cross-training staff in new or adjacent fields, or developing specific capabilities, the award will celebrate the organisation that has demonstrated the most effective use of training strategies to support overall employee development.

Judges will look at three key criteria when assessing the finalists and eventual winner of the Best Training Interventions Award. They are:

  • The ability of the nominee organisation to identify and address skills gaps and training needs in the workforce;
  • Demonstrated ability to design and implement effective training programs that enhance employee skills, knowledge, and performance;
  • Demonstrated ability to evaluate the effectiveness of those training programmes and continuously improve outcomes.

The Essential Guide to Nominating: Best Training Interventions Award

Nominations are open for:

  • Organisations and Teams in:
    • Singapore and/or Regional Southeast Asia only

Questions for nominees (suggested responses of 20-250 words each):

  • How does the nominee organisation go about identifying skills gaps in their organisation?
  • Please provide an example of a training programme or initiative, implemented in the last two years, and discuss the reason for its development. Please also share some of the challenges and achievements associated with the initiative.
  • How has the nominee organisation measured the impact of this training programme. How will it be altered for future versions?

Nominees are also able to provide digital files, images, or video in support of their answers.

Other details required:

  • Name and contact details of the person nominating
  • Name and contact details of a relevant HR leader (if different) who can verify participation in the HR Stars Awards


Click here to nominate your organisation for the Best Training Interventions Award.

Click here to find out more about the HR Stars Awards, including other categories, key dates, and frequently asked questions.

Nominations absolutely must close on May 28, 2023

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