HR Stars Awards: Finalists Revealed for Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategies
Singapore, June 9, 2023
– HR Stars Awards is pleased to unveil the finalists for the prestigious Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategies category. This esteemed recognition celebrates organisations that have demonstrated exceptional commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within their workplaces.

Among a competitive field, the following organisations have emerged as finalists in the Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategies category: Deloitte Singapore, Nexus International School, Singapore, and GrowthOps Asia.

Each finalist has showcased remarkable initiatives aimed at cultivating a diverse workforce, promoting inclusive practices, and driving cultural transformation. These organisations have implemented innovative strategies, such as diversity training programs, inclusive hiring practices, and employee resource groups, to foster a culture of inclusion and celebrate the unique perspectives and talents of their workforce.

The HR Stars Awards aims to inspire and encourage other organisations to prioritise diversity and inclusion as core values. By recognising and celebrating the accomplishments of these exceptional organisations, the awards strive to create awareness and promote the adoption of inclusive practices throughout the business community.

The judging panel will now undertake a thorough evaluation of each finalist’s diversity and inclusion strategies, their impact, and the tangible benefits experienced by their organisation. The finalists are encouraged to provide comprehensive insights, highlight their achievements, and present supporting evidence that exemplifies their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

The winners of the HR Stars Awards, including those under Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategies category, will be unveiled by July 10.

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