HR Tech Update: Managing from across borders with global HR management suites


Many businesses operate on a large scale, with hundreds or even thousands of employees for HR to manage. In an ever-more interconnected business landscape, many companies also manage their human resources across multiple locations, regions, time zones and even languages. Effective management of a workforce spread across the globe is more critical than ever before. Global HRM (HR management) suites address the complex challenges that come with leading and coordinating an international workforce. 

These comprehensive software platforms are designed specifically for large-scale multinational enterprises. They integrate multiple HR functions into a unified system, transforming traditional HR practices to suit the evolving needs of employees and management. The ‘suite’ indicates that the platform comes equipped with a system of multiple HR modules, which are then integrated into one interdependent workflow. These can include responsibilities such as:

  • Employee data management in a centralised repository, eliminating data incongruity between locations or platforms.
  • Payroll processing, automating tedious administrative burdens like payroll and tax calculations and minimising risk of non-compliance with differing regulations, which will also improve compliance and reporting efforts.
  • Talent acquisition and recruitment through applicant tracking systems, virtual interview scheduling tools, and candidate evaluation tools.
  • Performance management and appraisal processes, making it much easier for HR and management to coordinate feedback, rewards.
  • Learning and development, which must be kept consistent even on a global scale. The HRM suite can also enable HR to track progress, update learning content, and identify gaps in the workforce’s skills. 

Oracle and ADP are two examples of major HRM software platforms, offering personalised employee experiences while keeping HR strategies agile and innovative. These types of software enable improved planning and alignment of important people processes, supporting a myriad of business requirements at once. Of course, global HRM suites are not a fit for every company. What sets global HRM suites apart from other HR tech solutions is their scope, functionality, and scalability. They are designed to address management challenges in a multinational, diverse workplace. Their scope is much wider, covering a larger region and population. HRM suites also offer a larger set of tech solutions, covering multiple HR functions. The flexibility and scalability of global HRM suites are also crucial. For companies that continue to grow in size or add new regions and countries to their coverage, their technology must be able to adapt seamlessly. Global HRM suites usually also come equipped with more robust data security and privacy features. 

While global HRM suites can automate and streamline many processes, it may be necessary to bring in additional HR professionals to use the tech to its full potential. Human eyes must be able to analyse and make use of the actions taken and insights provided by the platform in order to use it more effectively.

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