Region progressing on D&I, but still far behind the rest of the world

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: Progressive advocates are finding plenty of reasons to cheer when it comes to the adaptation of diversity goals in Southeast Asia-based organisations, but that progress still leaves the region far behind their western counterparts in this regard.


That’s the conclusion of a recent report by Boston Consulting Group, which surveyed more than 6,100 professional-level employees across the six biggest markets of Southeast Asia. 

It found the following key benefits for organisations that do make the effort to incorporate active diversity goals and policies into their workforce agendas:

  • Diversity correlates closely with stronger innovation
  • Employees in companies dedicated to diversity and inclusion see a consistent link with overall competitiveness
  • Expectations of a diverse and inclusive workforce are growing among employees in traditionally underrepresented groups 
  • 57% of employees would leave their current employer for a more inclusive organisation

Read the full report here.

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