Shah Md: a visionary HR leader driving organisational success

shah-md-2Shah Md., the esteemed HR leader of Big 3 Group, has been awarded the Best HR Leader at the prestigious HR Stars Awards 2023. Over his career, Shah has demonstrated exceptional leadership and strategic acumen, elevating the HR function and transforming the organisation’s approach to talent management and employee experience.

Within just 4 years, Shah expanded the HR team from 2 to a robust 11, categorising them into HR Ops, HR BD, and HR Product sub-BUs. His track record of delivering end-to-end HR capabilities and going above and beyond his call of duty made him a top contender for the award.

Shah’s primary focus has been on developing people strategies that drive organisational performance. He understands the unique needs of businesses, crafting tailored and cost-effective strategies. For example, he revamped the onboarding process, resulting in a more efficient and enjoyable experience for new employees.

His talent acquisition expertise stands out, establishing strong relationships within the local talent network to ensure the best fit for the organisation’s culture. He also initiated the Proficient Space project, a cutting-edge HR system for accurate employee insights.

Shah’s success as an HR business partner is evident in his work with business leaders, CEOs, and start-up founders, providing tailored advice for optimal decision-making. During the pandemic, he devised the Deferred Compensation Plan and Employee Stock Options Program, ensuring staff retention and financial stability.

Beyond professional achievements, Shah’s compassion and empathy shine through his philanthropic efforts, supporting underprivileged individuals in finding employment opportunities.

Shah’s innovative approach, tech-savviness, and commitment to empowering others make him a trailblazer in the HR industry. The Best HR Leader Award is a well-deserved recognition of his remarkable contributions. Shah continues to inspire and influence the HR community, shaping the future of HR practices with his vision and dedication to a people-centric culture.

“I believe that the future of work is beholden to our ability to create a space for valid ideas and innovations. We need to foster workplaces that celebrate the ever-evolving nature of the labor market and disrupt our data HR processes for the better.”  – Shah Md., HR Director

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