The “Deloitte Experience:” flexible work defined by empowerment, trust, and inclusivity

“We expect that we will attract the best talent and that our people will be happier at work and will stay with us for longer. On the business front, this will translate to better productivity – we believe that a more inspired workforce will produce more innovative ideas.”

Deloitte Singapore is Chief of Staff Asia’s HR Stars winner for “Best Flexible Working Strategies.” The above statement, penned by Senior Executive for Talent Experience Denise Balhetchet, is in reference to the company’s “Deloitte Experience” model for flexible and hybrid working.

With employee wellbeing a long-standing priority, the company quickly recognised that flexibility would be a key strategy in looking out for their people while still meeting business demands. Deloitte factors in work-life balance into the talent experience and aims to help employees manage both their professional and personal lives, unlike traditional workplace models that tended to isolate business proficiency from employee wellness.

Thus, empowerment, trust, and inclusivity are the foundation of the “Deloitte Experience.” Flexible elements allow employees to customise their schedules, from start and end times to total hours and location. The company also encourages leaves of absence, recognising that sometimes staff simply need a break or could benefit from time off to pursue individual passions. 

That’s not to say it has been a quick and easy journey for Deloitte. Trial, error, and assessment unveiled the variations between roles and teams, some better suited for mobility than others. In the end, it was continuous education, training, and communication deemed most important for HR to manage their talents and provide an environment for people to thrive.

Leaders themselves underwent training on the “Deloitte Experience,” which helped them to visualise how these new ways of working look like, address concerns, and equip them to support employees in flexibility. Moving forward, the company has committed to conducting regular pulse surveys as well as in-depth focus group discussions for a steady stream of feedback and communication with their people. 


We are honoured to be recognised for Best Health and Wellness Interventions and Best Flexible Working Strategies. We will continue to strive to provide the best experience for our people, so that together, we can make an impact that matters!– Ong Siok Peng, Singapore Talent Leader

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