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Internet Startup VNG Files to Become First Vietnam Tech Firm to Go Public in US | Bloomberg
Internet startup VNG Ltd. filed for an initial public offering in the US, making it the first Vietnamese technology company to seek a listing in New York and adding to a diversifying roster of companies planning listings as equity markets thaw.

3 Ways A Positive Employee Experience Can Overcome Work Slumps | Forbes
Productivity, or the rate at which goods or services are produced per unit of labor, has had a tough time both globally and in the U.S. over the past several years. Although it’s projected to grow slightly in 2023, the efficiency with which good and services are being created is not keeping pace with demand. And this is cause for concern.

YouTube Improperly Used Targeted Ads on Children’s Videos, Watchdogs Say | The New York Times
After a research report last week found that YouTube’s advertising practices had the potential to undercut the privacy of children watching children’s videos, the company said it limited the collection of viewer data and did not serve targeted ads on such videos. These types of personalized ads, which use data to tailor marketing to users’ online activities and interests, can be effective for finding the right consumers.

Hollywood Studios Disclose Their Offer on Day 113 of Writers’ Strike | The New York Times
The public disclosure of the Aug. 11 proposal was an unusual step and suggested an attempt to go around union leadership and appeal to rank-and-file members.

Shortly before the release of the proposal, several chief executives at the major Hollywood companies, including David Zaslav of Warner Bros. Discovery and Robert A. Iger of Disney, met with officials at the Writers Guild of America, the writers’ union, to discuss the latest proposal, according to a statement by the union’s negotiating committee.

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