The Reading List: Short reads for the weekend

It is almost the weekend. Here is some light reading material curated by Chief of Staff Asia to help with your HR fix.

The Debate Swirling Inside HR Departments: How to Lay Off Workers

The Wall Street Journal

There comes a time in every HR professional’s life where we have to make the difficult decision of letting go of workers. And the hybrid work set-up has added more things to consider, such as whether or not it is alright to fire people over Zoom as opposed to inviting them to the office. Read about how HR executives from Vimeo, Coursera and Salesforce dealt with this conundrum.

CEOs, Ignore Anti-Woke Attacks And Do What’s Right


There has been some pushback by some executives on practices that are considered “woke” or sustainable, such as CEO’s not taking pay hikes or employees being allowed to take more time off. While writer John Simons posits that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices will continue to be under fire for the next few years, he says that it is important, especially to retain millennial and Generation Z staff, for executives to prioritise doing what is right, over financial gain.

Workplace Friendships Are Worth the Awkwardness


Drawing from more than 80-years of data, psychiatrist Robert Waldinger and psychologist Marc Schulz found that workplace friendships have benefitted employees in the long run. “Many of us spend most of our waking hours at work,” said Schulz. “What we found in following our participants across decades of their lives, and now following their children, is that the connections that people have at work are really critical — and that work is a pretty important source of connection for many people.”

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