ZALORA culture integrates employees’ whole being for work-life harmony

As Asia’s leading online fashion and lifestyle player, ZALORA Group is also leading in ensuring employees maintain a balanced lifestyle that enables them to thrive in the workplace. With well-defined intention and close attention to employee feedback, it has created a vibrant company culture that has earned it the title of Best Workplace Culture and Environment at the HR Stars Awards.

Clear-cut communication is ensured through ZALORA’s implementation of the 2023 Future of Work Survey, which consulted employees regarding their priorities, expectations, and concerns. In response, the company developed a four-pronged approach to its post-pandemic work environment.

Dubbed the ‘Hybrid Future of the Workplace Strategy’, it optimises work-life balance and employee wellbeing by exploring full-time flexible arrangements while improving productivity, and keeping workers healthy and engaged. The company manages to do this by providing flexibility to work from home as long as job function allows, while ensuring that Zalorians (employees) work in proximity to a designated office hub so they can easily come in for in-person meetings and company events when needed. 

The office hubs have been repurposed and redesigned to promote collaboration, connection, and culture, safeguarding the health and wellbeing of Zalorians so they are in optimal condition to give their best in the workplace. Moreover, during the pandemic, the company provided a home workplace subsidy after hearing that some staff were struggling to transition to remote work. To combat digital exhaustion, mental health days, access to meditation apps, and the ‘Zoom-Free Half Day’ were implemented.

ZALORA also draws engagement from beyond organisational productivity. Employees can engage in physical fitness programmes and sports challenges to keep active; entrepreneurial skills are enhanced through bazaars and networking sessions; art jamming serves a creative outlet; mental health is likewise supported; while other groups go volunteering to give back to the community.

These have created a flawless integration of company values to employees, who are confident in spending time with individual pursuits, knowing that their employer supports work-life harmony. The company displays a holistic approach to nurturing Zalorians, recognising the impact of work culture on other facets of employees’ lives.


“We are very proud that ZALORA has won the Best Workplace Culture and Environment award. It affirms our commitment to providing a healthy and supportive workplace that enables our People to perform at their very best. We will continue to evolve our hybrid workplace strategy and grow our culture to meet the needs of our People and to support our truly high-performing team.” – Hugo Wong, Corporate Communications Executive


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