WHO SAYS: Quotes of the week from HR influencers and leaders

Uncover vital perspectives from distinguished HR and business leaders across Southeast Asia as they impart their expert viewpoints on the urgent matters of the present day.

Regan Taikitsadaporn“If we take good care of our associates, they will take care of our guests.” – Regan Taikitsadaporn, Chief HR Officer, Marriott International (Asia-Pacific)

Taikitsadaporn underscored Marriott’s core philosophy during an exclusive interview with Chief of Staff Asia, discussing the company’s strategies for resilience and growth during the pandemic. He was highlighting the significance of associate wellbeing to the company’s success, implying that a happy, well-cared-for workforce directly influences the quality of guest experience at Marriott properties.

Carlo-magno Malana“You need to have the opportunity to satisfy that demand, there’s no choice.” – Carlo-magno E. Malana, CEO, STT GDC Philippines

Malana provided insight into the global surge in demand for data centres. With the digitalisation trend accelerating worldwide, Malana emphasised the urgent necessity to meet this growing need. As the Philippines’ strategic location offers a promising opportunity for data centre expansion, his comments highlighted the critical role the country can play in this digital transformation.

Ronak Shah“Sustainability initiatives are a must, as opposed to a nice-to-have… should be seen as an opportunity rather than a distraction.” – Ronak Shah, CEO, QBE Singapore

Shah issued a significant statement following the publication of a survey showing a decrease in prioritisation of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives among Singaporean Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Shah underscored the necessity of sustainability measures as a crucial obligation rather than an optional extra or a mere distraction.

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