HR Champions: Rudolf Tjandra’s positive outlook carries employee morale


Title: CEO, PT. Sasa Inti Office Headquarters: Indonesia Company Operations: Global (Exports) Industry: Manufacturing Employees: 1,001-5,000 Rudolf Tjandra sought firstly to maintain employee morale during covid-19, which struck two years after he stepped in as CEO. In addition to implementing remote work, Sasa provided masks, vitamins, and even ginger water to employees in order to […]

HR Champions: “Leadership is about empowering others” – Valerie Ong


Title: CEO, KIP Group of Companies/KIP Real Estate Investment Trust Office headquarters: Malaysia Company operations: Malaysia Industry: Real estate Employees: 51-200 Valerie Ong is not afraid of asking questions. “It’s important to want to learn,” she says, and she demonstrates this by tirelessly eliciting advice and insights from those who know more than her. As […]

HR Champions: Giving back to coffee farmers with Le Hoang Diep Thao


Title: CEO, King Coffee Office headquarters: Vietnam Company operations: Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Pakistan, China, UK, and USA Industry: Food & Beverage Employees: 1,001-5,000 The King Coffee magnate has built a company and global partnerships by creating trust and value for her suppliers, franchisees, and partners. “That is the root of what we do. If […]

HR Champions: Jennifer Cho on local talent with global perspective


Title: Vice-president of Island Southeast Asia, Medtronic Office headquarters: Singapore Company operations: Southeast Asia, South Asia, Saipan, and Guam Industry: Medical equipment manufacturing Employees: 700 (Southeast Asia only) Employee engagement and team development are pillars of Jennifer Cho’s leadership style. She recognises the role that she and HR play in motivating employees and providing them […]

HR Champions: Ng Wee Wei on the power of adequate rest


Title: Senior Managing Director/Market Unit Lead Organisation: Accenture Southeast Asia Office headquarters: Singapore Company operations: Global Industry: Business consulting and services Employees: 738,000 In a blog on how digitalisation will drive work-life convergence, Ng Wee Wei expressed the importance of creating a safe environment that is inclusive and diverse so that employees can feel it […]

HR Champions: Hendra Gunawan on communication, belonging, and crisis mitigation


Title: CEO Organisation: United Overseas Bank (UOB) Indonesia Office headquarters: Indonesia Company operations: Global Industry: Banking Employees: 3,200 (provided by the company) UOB Indonesia’s HR team and other staff can testify to how Hendra Gunawan prioritises employee wellbeing and development. He values clear and open communication with employees regardless of seniority or role, so a […]

HR Champions: Wong Sze Keed on taking care of staff


Title: CEO Organisation: AIA Singapore Office headquarters: Singapore Company operations: Asia Pacific Industry: Insurance Employees: 1,001-5,000 Coming in as CEO at the height of the pandemic, Wong Sze Keed immediately built on the holistic wellness of her people. The difficult period simply deepened her recognition that, “if they are well taken care of, they can […]

HR Champions: Catherine Lian advocates for women in tech; leadership


Title: Managing Director and Technology Leader, IBM Malaysia Office headquarters: Malaysia Company operations: Global Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting Employees: 10,001+ (LinkedIn) Catherine Lian actively advocates for women in leadership. Prior to her appointment at IBM, she was part of the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network, supporting women in business by providing access to technology, […]

HR Champions: Mharicar Castillo-Reyes’ people-centric leadership


Title: CEO Organisation: Asticom Group of Companies Office headquarters: Philippines Company operations: Philippines and USA Industry: Shared services and outsourcing Employees: 5,000+ When Covid-19 hit the Philippines with a lockdown announcement, Asticom went into a remote setup within 72 hours. Work-from-home essentials were provided to employees, and the leadership team, with Castillo-Reyes at the helm, […]

HR Champions: Anthony Tan emphasises humility for effective leadership


Title: CEO, Grab Office Headquarters: Singapore Company Operations: SEA Industry: Software Development Employees: 5,001-10,000 “Who am I as a CEO? How do I serve our Grabbers? How do I serve our customers? How do I serve our governments? How do I serve society?” These are the lead questions behind Anthony Tan’s principle of servant leadership, […]

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