Enhancing Employee Engagement: 5 HR Approaches for Southeast Asian Workforces


Employee engagement is a vital factor in the success of any organization. In the dynamic and diverse workplaces of Southeast Asia, where cultures, languages, and traditions converge, HR departments face unique challenges and opportunities in fostering engagement among their teams. This article explores five HR approaches tailored to enhance employee engagement in Southeast Asian workforces. […]

Singapore doubles down on training semiconductor talents


Singapore will launch a new six-month training programme for integrated circuit design in August 2024, with the aim of training up to 150 people over the next five years. The programme has been developed by the Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA), Nanyang Technological University and the Economic Development Board (EDB) as part of an effort […]

HR Champions: Jennifer Cho on local talent with global perspective


Title: Vice-president of Island Southeast Asia, Medtronic Office headquarters: Singapore Company operations: Southeast Asia, South Asia, Saipan, and Guam Industry: Medical equipment manufacturing Employees: 700 (Southeast Asia only) Employee engagement and team development are pillars of Jennifer Cho’s leadership style. She recognises the role that she and HR play in motivating employees and providing them […]

Malaysian youth urged towards skills training over entering gig economy


After the recent cohort of the Malaysian Certificate of Education (equivalent to Singapore’s O-levels), it was discovered that 26% of Malaysian youth leaving school intend to enter gig driving as a career. Chin Yee Whah, professor of sociology at Universiti Sains Malaysia, shared his concern due to gig drivers continually earning less in post-pandemic Malaysia. […]

The First Word: Being skills-powered is non-negotiable today


Traditionally, work was a place we’d go to. But now, it has become more about what we do — from anywhere. It’s all part of a new talent equation of supply and demand based on skills being critical for organizational success. Very soon, jobs will no longer be the sole corporate unit that everything in […]

HR Champions: Hendra Gunawan on communication, belonging, and crisis mitigation


Title: CEO Organisation: United Overseas Bank (UOB) Indonesia Office headquarters: Indonesia Company operations: Global Industry: Banking Employees: 3,200 (provided by the company) UOB Indonesia’s HR team and other staff can testify to how Hendra Gunawan prioritises employee wellbeing and development. He values clear and open communication with employees regardless of seniority or role, so a […]

HR Champions: Catherine Lian advocates for women in tech; leadership


Title: Managing Director and Technology Leader, IBM Malaysia Office headquarters: Malaysia Company operations: Global Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting Employees: 10,001+ (LinkedIn) Catherine Lian actively advocates for women in leadership. Prior to her appointment at IBM, she was part of the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network, supporting women in business by providing access to technology, […]

HR Champions: Mharicar Castillo-Reyes’ people-centric leadership


Title: CEO Organisation: Asticom Group of Companies Office headquarters: Philippines Company operations: Philippines and USA Industry: Shared services and outsourcing Employees: 5,000+ When Covid-19 hit the Philippines with a lockdown announcement, Asticom went into a remote setup within 72 hours. Work-from-home essentials were provided to employees, and the leadership team, with Castillo-Reyes at the helm, […]

Malaysia launches National Training Index to measure workforce development


The Human Resources Development Corporation (HRDC) launched the National Training Index (NTI) today, a first-of-its-kind index to measure training and development in Southeast Asia. The NTI was developed by HRDC and will soon become the benchmark for industries and organizations to shape their learning and development programs. The index measures the capacity of employers in […]

Learning experts to focus on transformation at Kuala Lumpur Summit


Following a successful summit last November, The 2nd Annual Asia Learning and Development for HR Transformation Summit is going to be back on 10 and 11 October, 2023 at the Grand Millenium Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Organised by 3Novex Global, the Summit is a result of months of industry consultation and independent research. It will […]

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