Ng Kel Mynn aids in Verdant Solar’s boom



Verdant Solar began in 2013. Ten years later, the solar power solutions company gears towards a bolder mark to meet environmental sustainability.

Named the Best Employer, the Star Outstanding Business Awards in 2021 recognised the company for its best human capital practices, good working conditions, and excellent employee benefits. 

Chief of Staff Asia continues the conversation with Ng Kel Mynn, People and Culture Manager of Verdant Solar, who disclosed expansion plans in the offing.

“Yes, we are targeting to reach a headcount of 100 employees by building satellite offices in Northern and Southern Malaysia to better serve customers there. We also plan to expand to neighbouring countries: Taiwan, Indonesia, and the Philippines by 2025,” the people manager reveals. 

To be present in a broader geographical scope means to use technology to link with everyone. Ng mentioned in the previous article that Verdant Solar uses a project management tool to ensure work progress. 

She specifies now, “We utilise to monitor performance, empower the team to build dashboards through available data, and make confident decisions. Besides, we use Kakitangan for our HR services (claims, leaves, and benefits claims).” 

With the company soon reaching larger territories, Verdant Solar aspires even more for its employees.

“We aspire for our employees to achieve greatness in life. In our recent Kaizen Learning Day (a monthly learning session), we let Verdiants reflect on all areas of their lives: at work, life, play, health, finance, and family. We believe in integrating work and life. If we neglect any areas, life is not at its fullest, and work productivity will be affected. Hence, we see everyone beyond just work and wish for them to be abundant in all areas of their lives,” Ng says.


This feature was extracted from Chief of Staff Asia’s exclusive interview with Verdant Solar’s People and Culture Manager Ng Kel Mynn. For further coverage please see the links below:

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