HR Ecosystem Awards: Outstanding women leaders on the panel


With nominations for the HR Ecosystem Awards open, Chief of Staff Asia is thrilled to unveil the first two (2) judges in this year’s presentation of the best consultancies, solutions, and service providers for HR in Southeast Asia. Fronting the panel are two exemplary leaders in the HR space: Gayatheri Silvakumar and Louise Pender.  As […]

HR Ecosystem Awards: Job Advertising Portal category


Since the advent of digital and information technology, online job portals have been supporting job seekers and recruiters alike. Connections and opportunities have only grown since, especially in light of remote work transforming the workplace. The HR Ecosystem Awards this includes a category for the best Job Advertising Portal in recognition of these platforms’ crucial […]

HR Ecosystem Awards: Diversity and Inclusion services


Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is an umbrella area of HR in that it affects a multitude of core functions, from recruitment efforts and onboarding strategies to priority areas for upskilling and attitude development among personnel, whether it is to enrich staff holistically or it directly ties in with organisational goals and values. This category of […]

HR Ecosystem Awards: Work space and environment


The physical environment of an employee has just as much impact on engagement and productivity as company culture. It also contributes directly to wellbeing, their ability to focus and accomplish tasks, collaborative efforts, and even sense of openness and belonging. This category of the HR Ecosystem Awards aims to unveil HR service providers, platforms, and […]

HR Ecosystem Awards: Talent mobility category


One of the most powerful functions of HR, when done efficiently and passionately, is that of HR mobility: helping employees traverse across different roles in a company to help them learn, grow, and adapt better. In the big picture, it spells greater organisational resilience as personnel gain a wider perspective of how they can best […]

HR Ecosystem Awards: Business hotel and accommodation category


Business travel is an essential part of the modern economy. It allows businesses to connect with clients and partners, attend conferences and trade shows, and conduct training and onboarding. To make business travel more manageable, business travelers need a place to stay that is comfortable, convenient, and safe. They also need access to reliable transportation, […]

HR Ecosystem Awards: Candidate background screening category


In today’s competitive hiring landscape, it is more important than ever for organisations to have a strong candidate background screening program in place. By conducting a thorough background check, businesses can protect themselves from liability, hire the best candidates, and comply with regulations. The Candidate Background Screening category recognises the HR partners that have implemented […]

HR Ecosystem Awards: Remote working category


More than three years after covid-19 hit, technological innovations and human creativity have yielded numerous digital platforms to help companies establish virtual workspaces. Over the years, these  developers and their clientele have discovered how collaboration and engagement remain top indicators of a thriving remote workplace. The HR Ecosystem Awards will thus seek to name the […]

HR Ecosystem Awards: Leave and attendance management


Managing leave and attendance is a two-pronged function in leading personnel: on one hand, HR tracks employees’ productivity and time worked; on the other hand, HR is most aware of their time off for a variety of reasons. With the plethora of complexities in leave policies and types of leave, shift work and scheduling, carryover, […]

HR Ecosystem Awards: Talent management category


If there was a term that could encapsulate the core roles of HR, talent management would be a strong candidate. This includes the ability of an HR leader or team to acquire and nurture talent within the company with a clear development pathway, succession, and sustained optimal performance. Thus, this category under the HR Ecosystem […]

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